KTH – SEECS Applied Information Security (AIS) Lab is a joint effort of NUSTSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) Pakistan and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. The work undertaken in the lab targets the broad field of information and network security. This lab provides unique opportunities to  postgraduate as well as undergraduate students to work jointly with Seclab, COS Dept KTH, Sweden. The students working at this lab gain international exposure by working jointly with team at KTH. The lab also serves as R&D facility for joint masters program between NUST-SEECS and KTH.

We conduct research concentrated on cyber threats and countermeasures, Cloud Computing Security, security in distributed systems, Secure Group Communications and Secure Object Oriented Databases. We welcome industry and academia to contribute in designing and developing solutions to better meet today’s demanding security requirements.

The lab is run under the supervision of Dr. Awais Shibli & Dr. Abdul Ghafoor. Currently, the AIS lab is executing two funded projects of worth 18 million PKR. Moreover, there are 20 masters students associated with lab doing research in various domains of information security.


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